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Grupo Bellalisa

In 2009, we opened the first Bellalisa restaurant, Bellalisa Valmor, followed by Bellalisa Elevador and, in the same year Peixaria do Rossio. With these three restaurants of typically Italian cuisine at their peak, we created the Grupo Bellalisa, bringing together the structure that managed the three restaurants. Due to an excellent business management plan, the group exceeded all expectations in Lisbon year after year.

Following a growth rationale, the group decided to expand in the coming years, which led to the opening of new restaurants in strategic locations in the city. Sol Dourado was, at that moment, the new group acquisition, as well as Adega de São Roque, both restaurants dedicated to the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

The inclusion of diverse gastronomies, besides the Italian cuisine, started to be a part of the business strategy of Bellalisa Group and in 2015 the company adopted a new market position: a group dedicated to international cuisine. This change in the group’s strategy was strengthened with the opening of the following restaurants: Em Alta na Baixa (Mediterranean cuisine), Bacalhau com Todos (Portuguese gourmet cuisine) and Caffé Mar. A while after, the company outdid itself and in that same year launched Lisbon Meeting, with the head office in Rossio Square, which was created to satisfy the increasing need for comfortable, accessible and customized touristic alternatives to explore Lisbon and other emblematic areas of our country.

In the face of the group’s new course, the need arises for a rebranding, right before the group celebrated its 7th year in operation:

The company

FULLEST was officially created in January 2016. This innovative step was the result of an excellent marketing plan and rebranding that arises mainly from the integration of the business areas.

Including many distinctive restaurants with excellent locations and integrated tourist services, the group goes the extra mile and commits to launching, in the summer of 2016, Apartments by FULLEST: nine touristic apartments for temporary rental. The company’s strategy entails a cross-selling approach that promotes not only the company’s growth but also its consolidation and market position.

FULLEST started investing in a new dynamic in terms of communication as well as supply, and decided to expand to the corporate segment through the creation of a department specialized in the designing of events and brand activation. The fourth and last element was then born: Events by FULLEST, which was integrated with Restaurants, Apartments and Tours by FULLEST.

The origin of FULLEST combined the fundamental principles of an integrated quality service targeting solutions motivated by the slogan TRAVEL.EAT.REST.LIVE.


Our mission is to provide an excellent service in the areas of restaurant management, accommodation, tourism and events. For that purpose, we work hard every day focused on the satisfaction of our clients. Our main goal: become the partner par excellence in Lisbon, in the touristic and the corporate spheres.

"Our utmost goal is to exceed in the quality with our products, our professionals and with the quality of the brand we represent, aiming for excellence every day."

- Gonçalo Fernandes