Since Nov 1st of 2018, Fullest Group’s portfolio grew richer with the restaurant Mundo.

It is, according to gastronomy specialists, the best gastronomic experience in northern Portugal. Located in the heart of Porto‘s most historical streets of downtown, Mundo offers a unique travel through the best that the five continents have to offer in terms of food, with a menu signed by chef Gabriel Silva.
For starters, begin your meal with Cold Mundo section, tasting a Salmon with coffee, Air bread, horseradish and Croaker kinilaw. After, feel Mundo in your hands with the aroma of our fried chicken and the steamed duck bread. Discover Mundo on the plate guided by our Short ribs or Udon noodles with prawns and shiitake. Finally, fall in temptation with our Sweet Mundo desserts, tasting our Chocolate or Dulce de Leche Bun and our Churros with powders and dips.

This is but a small sample of our delicious Mundo by Fullest