Sushi Private by Fullest was born in Jan 2019, offering the perfect solutions for our clients’ desire for sushi.
Here, we offer the possibility of enjoying an amazing sushi experience with your friends or family, led by our chef Caio Mendes. More than the simple pleasure of eating sushi, we offer the possibility of watching the whole creation and preparation of the best sushi from scratch.
“Preparing sushi is like making a painting, a true work of art”. This is how chef Caio Mendes sees his creations.

Sushi Private by Fullest is not a take away or sushi delivery service. We offer the following services:

  • Sushi Home, destinated to those who want to bring a sushi experience to their homes and enjoy it with families and friends
  • Sushi Office, directed towards enterprises and corporate/team building actions.
  • Workshops at our place or private events, with a Fullest standard of quality, where our Chef will prepare the meals as he unveils the secrets of sushi to our clients.

Just share your idea and leave the rest to us!